Timber framed houses, extensions and outbuildings
Timber framed houses, extensions and outbuildings
Timber framed houses, extensions and outbuildings


We procure quality British and European sawn Oak and Douglas Fir from sustainably managed sources via local suppliers. All timbers are stress graded. We train and employ local people. We also use a portable sawbench to convert local timber for special applications such as furniture, tops and construction braces.

British Timber

There have been several generations of decline in British woodland industries due to the pressure from world markets. Since 1940 woodlands have not been managed consistently for timber and forest products and research shows that Biodiversity in Britain has collapsed as a consequence. The revival and practice of traditional woodland industries is therefore an integral part of land improvement, conservation and sustainable development in the UK.

British Douglas Fir grown for heavy structural timbers contributes positively to the environment by helping to sustain local woodland industries. There are significant reserves of this alternative construction material reaching maturity that previously had been considered uneconomic. The revival of traditional framing for construction is therefore helping to maintain British woodland diversity.

European Timber

All EEC member states have agreed standards to manage woodlands and forestry sustainably. Various organisations in different countries monitor and enforce these standards. Generally speaking a system of "selective felling" or small "compartments" has replaced the older "clear fell" practice. This enables Europe as a whole to maintain a large supply of timbers specifically grown for "Boxed Heart" construction timbers. A system of "High Pruning" and intensive aftercare results in tall, straight grained beams from various ages of growth.