Timber framed houses, extensions and outbuildings
Timber framed houses, extensions and outbuildings
Timber framed houses, extensions and outbuildings

Advantages of a Carpentry Timber Frame

Complete Design service: Integrated structural design. Site visits. We can supply drawings for both the frame and subsequent detailing.

Good Strength: Each ¾" peg can hold 500 kilos in tension before serious deflection.

Long life: Oak frames can stand for more than 900 years. Examples of Douglas Fir frames for barns raised two centuries ago are still in good condition.

Short raising time on site: All frames are manufactured offsite at our workshop. Conditions allow us to work to the highest standards of quality, accuracy and speed. We can design, build and deliver a three bedroom house frame in three months and erect inside one week.

Completion times: 2 - 4 months. 'Wind and Watertight' project management from footings, roof, cladding and insulation, floors and landscaping.

Frame Types

We specialise in English, American and European styles of frames.

Green Oak Frames

We design and manufacture traditional Green Oak Frames using curved timbers such as 'crucks', arch trusses and braces. Certain applications are suited to oak, there are several traditional vernaculars associated with different regions of the UK.

Crucks from the Welsh Borders, Close Studding from East Anglia, Bayleaf Halls from the Wealdon Down areas of Sussex and Kent to name a few. These beautiful styles have evolved over many centuries and become part of our cultural heritage. Consideration to regional style can be very important and each style has its' own set of advantages.

Douglas Fir

Suited to the traditional heavy structural carpentry technique, this excellent material can provide spans of 10 meters or more, enabling a different approach to house design. Douglas fir can also be used for garden rooms, offices, garages and barns. Handling time is reduced and difficult access is easier. Lighter frames can be designed to be erected without the use of a large crane.